Renewal Dates

What happens if an owner does not renew his team by the date shown for his individual team?

They will have 10 days in which they are locked out of their team and asked to pay. After those 10 days, they will be marked as expired and put on the Expired Teams list

Is the process you described here still in effect?

Yes, this is still accurate. If you see any evidence that it isn’t, let me know.

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@nivshah I’m confused and probably misinformed. I thought we had to renew by Jan 31 regardless of what the date was on our dashboard. Not that I would have waited but am I mistaken?

Also on the Available team page does the “renew by” date mean you can claim a team and wait until that date to pay? There are a few with a date after the season starts.

  1. In 2020 and beyond, the renewal date will be January 31 for everyone. The dashboard always reflects the date you need to renew by. I would not be so cruel as to present a renewal date to you that was inaccurate.

  2. Correct, abandoned teams (not expired) have been paid for up to that date.

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I saw one guy pick up over 10 teams in about a month’s time and since dropped half. I guess I should have realized he didn’t have to pay at the time of pick up.

Yeah, unfortunately that can happen, but making someone pay for a team that was abandoned before their year ran out seems unfair and would make it a lot harder to find good replacement owners.

Hey Niv, is this just a display issue on my end?Renewal_Conf

The new renewal date shows up on the dashboard, but I just wanted to mention it, just in case.

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Yeah sometimes PayPal does that.