Reset Cut Players Min Auction Cost

Just brainstorming here, but would it make sense to reset a cut players minimum auction cost to $1 after a certain period of time. Let us use Donaldson for example. Poor season and someone didn’t want him for $50 and cuts him. After a set period of time would it make sense for that $25 minimum to be reset to $1? I know there are few players in our league that went for $10 - $16 and were cut that would be a competitive auction for a few bucks but no one wants them for $5-$8.

The risk of a high-priced player falling apart or getting injured is part of the system. High performing players - like a Trout, Altuve, etc. - are super valuable in this format and come at a steep price. The risk that one of them goes down and you will have to carry a heavy cost burden on your roster is beneficial in competitive balance for the leagues. Since there are only so many superstars to go around, this cost risk benefits the other teams. After a certain amount of time even the highest priced players will get to $1. In 120 days, a $80 player would go to $5. And, of course, at the end of the season the go all the way to $1.


Very true, 99% of the time the system works. If a valuable player is cut, the other owners wait to start the auction after waivers. However there is that 1% of time when a player is over valued at draft and then gone for the season after he is cut. After 30 or 60 days of no nominations having their values reset could be a decent idea to look into further.

I’ve played in leagues where there was a 50% cut every 30 days, i.e. $80-40-20-10-5, etc. If he gets picked up for $5, it would at least feel better getting a small refund than never getting one at all.

There should never be 60 days without a nomination for a player with a high cap penalty - the team carrying that cap penalty should be nominating the player every 30 days.