[RESOLVED] Email not reaching AOL.com email addresses

Emails sent from Ottoneu are currently not reaching AOL.com email addresses. I have opened an issue with our email provider about this. Unfortunately there is nothing else I can do at this time, so if you are affected and have an alternate email address, I would recommend updating your user settings.

You will know you are affected if you see a message regarding emails bouncing on your user settings page or throughout the site.

I will update this thread as I get updates from our email service provider, as I expect they will eventually resolve this issue.

I have an aol email address attached to FG and Ottoneu. All of the email notifications come through to mine.

Well, you are truly the exception and not the rule.

For the nerdy among you, I am waiting for a response from Amazon on this thread:


Per Amazon, this has been fixed and AOL.com emails should work fine now.


It looks like AOL email addresses are bouncing some of our emails again. I’m opening an issue with our email provider and will update when it is fixed.

This is resolved on our email providers side.