Resources For Creating Auction Values in Football

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Just wanted to start a topic here- what sites/projections are you all using to create your auction price sheets? Any questions or advice for those that might be overwhelmed?

Here are some of the sites/components of my personal sheets:

FootballGuys (
Football Outsiders KUBIAK (
RotoViz (
4For4 (

Another good resource is FantasyPros, you can use their consensus projections as a quick/free but pretty accurate foundation to create values. (


I should have mentioned this as well, I’m happy to answer any questions for anyone about creating values, just ask in here or shoot me a message!


My league mostly went off of existing average values and gut feel, based on how the draft went last night… Though @chy924 was touting his spreadsheet…


Oh I forgot your league drafted last night too, now I want to run the results through my sheet!


By the way- the :robot: in me just shuddered when you mentioned drafting by gut feel @nivshah


I only had 5 roster spots and when I was in a bind, I looked at existing average values, knowing full well that those tend to be deflated because right now they reflect where players were kept.

But again, I only needed 5 players and the three big spends I had (Demaryius Thomas $45, Isiah Crowell $20 and Teddy Bridgewater $25) were all pretty justifiable. Spend $1 on Royce Freeman (Oregon’s RB, I think I got a steal) and $8 on high-risk, medium-upside Phillip Dorsett (where an extra $1 is easily justified because of how cap penalties work) and my gut did okay.

The true ‘mistakes’ were a couple of the players I kept, if anything.


Those values are also across all league types, right? Prices should be very sensitive to roster/PPR setups!


Well, I target players based on roster/PPR, and then decide that I’m willing to pay about average value. Good enough for a first-round playoff exist last year :slight_smile:


Well, if you don’t have a sheet prepped, there really isn’t any other way to do it, right? I keep trying to convince myself that I should go into one auction having done all my prep/sheets, but then not actually use the sheet during the auction. Just trust that I will subconsciously integrate all the information from my prep work and make bids based on intuition.


This is called machine learning.


My neural network has dictated that I agree with you @chy924


I did have a spreadsheet. Though I created it just by entering league settings at FantasyPros, which did not make Justin’s list above.

And the spreadsheet was pretty accurate to what people paid, with a few exceptions. The big one being it thought AJ Green was way overpaid in our league.


“Machine learning” should be the new name for our podcast @eamuscatuli


Check again, FantasyPros did make my list.


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Here are a couple good articles describing Value Based Drafting (think Points Above Replacement) and how to apply that to Auction values: