Restricted List Team Tagging

I’m co-commissioner of a 10MiLB league and I was wondering if the Restricted list page could add some functionality to help make life easier for me and my leaguemates. Right now the notes section is nice because I can write in the team names of the owner, however, we have had multiple team name changes in the league that I need to update each time they do, so if we could tag a team for each restricted player that would be ideal.

If the tagging were to be implemented, then I’m not sure if there is somewhere on the team’s roster/lineup page that could also list the restricted players that each team owns. I know on the lineups page there is a section that has a header of “other players” that seems like it would be perfect for the restricted players. This may also make trading of these players easier as 1) teams would not have to go to the restricted players page to see who is in the MiLB system and 2) potentially could be included in trade selections rather than being a part of the notes

I do not know how feasible any of this is but I figured I’d add it to the wishlist as I think it really would add to the experience of our league and probably the other 5/10/15MiLB leagues (which I understand are a minority).

Thanks for the consideration, Niv!