Restricted Players Linked to Team Pages

I’m well aware of my very little programming knowledge, let me be clear about that! This could be too big of an undertaking to mess with.

I also realize that this may be a very league specific request and may not have much use for the majority of leagues in Ottoneu.

With that being said, we have a MiLB$0 feature in our league and I’ve had a couple managers ask about being able to assign those players we add to the Restricted Players list for each team in a way that they show up on each team’s roster page.

As it currently is, we put in the notes which team owns the rights to that player via the MiLB$0 roster and have a separate Google Sheet that is regularly updated showing current team rosters, transaction history, and past draft results.

The idea would be that managers in this type of league could more easily keep up with promotions of MiLB players and have all of their players accessible on one page.

Thanks for your consideration!

Ottoneu does not support MILB $0 rosters.

I wrote about this more here:

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