Restricted players list


Today we are rolling out the restricted players list. This is a commissioner-maintained list of players that cannot be added to team rosters. The primary goal of this list is to allow leagues to better manage a custom 5MiLB (or similar) ruleset (cc @LuckyStrikes) , but I am interested to see if there are other custom league rules that come out of this feature.

Your commissioner can manage the restricted players list from their commissioner tools.


I should mention that the player pages were updated as part of this change, with a more mobile-focused design and more information about each player on the page.


Love the restricted list. Really helpful in 5MiLB leagues and probably plenty of other custom uses.

Is it possible to group the players in the order they are added, or maybe link them to a team somehow like the trade block?


I never added a timestamp column to this table, so I am doing that now. The restricted players functionality may not work for the next 10 minutes or so while I sort that out.


Ok, I’ve added a date field so you can see when players were added to the Restricted List and will show them with the oldest players at the top going forward. I am going to hold off on linking restricted players to teams for now, but I will keep that in mind in the future.


This a very cool and helpful feature!!


This continues to be a great feature.

Since we cannot technically assign a restricted player to a specific team, would it be possible to add the restricted players to the league roster export file so there’s a clean way to see all unavailable players at one time in one place?


Restricted players are now in the roster export


If it is easy for you (Niv), would you consider highlighting these players like watch list (preferably in a different color)


Will check into this in the next week or two :+1:


Finally got around to this - restricted players have a light red background when they show up in search results.

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