RFAs not showing on team rosters after draft marked as complete

How do we see players who were voted off this offseason? We’re in the middle of doing our draft on couch managers and I don’t see this anywhere on our Ottoneu league site. Thanks!

You can see them highlighted on each team’s roster, click on your team name and then Rosters.

They’ve all been gone since the keeper deadline. They don’t appear on our roster pages.

Please share a link to your league home page.

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Might need your commissioner for this, but if your league’s draft is marked as ‘done’ all the RFAs lose their RFA status. I do not think you need to mark the draft as done to do run a slow draft, but I would like some feedback from your commissioner on this.

EDIT I see the commissioner is you, sorry.

Bummer, so there’s no log of historical RFAs anywhere?

I’m looking, but it looks like no. Which is not how things should be! But with more and more leagues moving to arbitration, this was overlooked. I will spend some time in the next couple of days working to make sure historical RFAs are stored and never lost.

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No problem - thank you!

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