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Currently if you use the basic player search section you do not see any indication of who may be a RFA in leagues that use the vote off system. Is there a way the player search can be adjusted to show or highlight RFAs in leagues that have them?

Just a curiosity question.

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I’ll look into highlighting RFAs in search sometime this week. Thanks for the note!

RFAs in vote-off leagues should now show as red in search results. Let me know if this is enough or if you’d like to see something more.

Thanks! Happy new year!


That is a big help. Ultimately it would be nice to see either a separate box to select like for minors or straight FAs or have the RFAs included with the rest of the FAs, but I will be more than happy with this.

Thanks Niv and Happy New Year to you too.

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What’s the Vote-off Results page showing for you? Seems like it should fit the need for listing out all RFAs, but maybe it doesn’t have the right set of information.

Arb results page is fine if owners remember to look there when preparing for the draft. My suggestions were merely to the increase the number of ways an owner can “see” what players are an RFA. It never fails that at least one owner during the back end of the draft claiming that they never saw anything suggesting or reminding them that a player was an RFA. I think it is bs, but if there were more ways to highlight the RFAs then it helps to support that the owner just didn’t do their homework prior to the draft. Again, I am more than happy with what you have done already and I thank you for it.

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One thing I’ll double-confirm is that the auction draft indicates players that are RFAs properly.

If I remember correctly is that while a player may have a tag on them as RFA in draft, the search engine in the draft room still only did separations as either all, include minors, or FA only (which doesn’t display RFAs). So if an owner did a top FA search the owner would not see the RFAs. The only ways an owner would know if a player was an RFA would be if did their pre-draft work and have them already in their wishlist section or do a search for all players at that position and see if there was an RFA in the list. I’m pretty sure they were not highlighted and the RFA tag came after the team name so if the owner had a long name if may not be easily seen. I believe owners should do the proper prep work, but I understand that time availability is a factor or an owner is new to the format so maybe there should be a few added helps just to make it a little more even across the board - game is supposed to be fun, not cut throat.

Very grateful for what you do and all the effort you put it to make it great or I wouldn’t be in 5 leagues.

I think the search change I made should affect the draft room as well, but I’ll double-check. Having the full information right in front of you in the draft room is very important.

Thanks for the feedback and the kind words, I appreciate it.