Rivals catching up

I take pride in being the sole L (and a half) on your record.

It was fun facing off vs your team each time. How is your off-season going? Our first off-season… enjoying learning about the arb process. Looking forward to off-season trades.

I gave that team to a buddy before the playoffs. I wanted to focus on cash leagues. I won one startup league and came in fourth in another while rebuilding. Lots of fun.
Arbitration is nuts though. Waiting to see how much all my shares of Carroll and Eury Perez go up.

How did arb process go? Any good offseason trades?
we got the max $, no surprise. Ended up trading off Freeman and Strider to get undervalued assets and restock for 2024. Interested to see how the keeper deadline pans out. Auction is such a fun part of the season – hoping for a lot of options at auction.

Yeah both my teams got the max arb

Headline deals:

$34 Bichette for $25 Kirby to free up cap and replace Woodruff

$4 Gelof for $3 Masyn Winn and $7 Gavin Williams

In the startup I cut most of my players and have a real stars and scrubs thing going.

The rebuild might be worth entering into the OPL.

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We had a lot of trades of the offseason, also needing to cut down +$500 payroll and looking for value:
$5 ERod, $9 Josh Naylor and $5 Maeda for $14Grayson R and $7 Bradish
$14 Adames $4 Hicks $44 Strider for $14 Arraez and $7 Royce Lewis
$45 Freeman for $14 Glasnow and $3 WFlores
$18 Sale for $4 Lux
$20 Muncy for $7 Abrams
$8 ADiaz, $5 Raley $3 Miranda for $3 BryceMiller $3 Alzolay

We are likely going to give OPL a try with our Glosta108 team. Fun to try something new. Will make us tweak strategy a little…

Sorry I had to move this out of the original thread that is meant for requesting badges. I really enjoyed this little catch-up.