Robbie Ray, AZ SP

Robbie Ray: $7

Keep or Cut?

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I like Ray as a poor man’s Lance McCullers

I’m eternally distrustful of Ray. Hope he proves me wrong!

Ray has a 2.97 FIP/ 2.88 xFIP in the second half.

I didn’t say my distrust was based in logic!

Your distrust is probably related to how hard the ball is hit off of Ray when batters do put the ball in play! Ray has a 36.8% hard hit rate, second worst among all qualified pitchers.

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I’m keeping Ray at $7. The dingers and that home park scare me but as a 4th or 5th SP going into 2017 he has huge upside. When you watch him it’s a wonder anyone ever gets a hit off him until he grooves a fastball and it ends up in the seats. The K% is enough to mitigate that in my eyes and I’ll take a $7 gamble that the second half is him figuring it out.