Roster numbers before the draft

In the Ottoneu rules it says a team must have 22 players at all times. Does this include the time period between cuts and the draft? I’m hoping to drop my team down to 20 or even 18 players entering the draft.

Apologies if I missed the answer somewhere.

Thanks for your help.

That section is about the regular season, not ahead of the draft or anything like that. You can go to the draft with as few players as you’d like.

I read it the same way “SHOULD HAVE the ability to field a complete line-up” and because I thought that was a challenging way to go about things, I kept it as my personal way of doing business. I have David Freese because of it and love the continuing challenge. Maybe I SHOULD HAVE asked a question. I am too busy swimming in my first 48 hours of OTTONEU.

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