Roster Organizer and Injured Players

I am curious how the Roster Organizer is intended to function when you have a 60 day IL eligible player.

Right now the system seems to count incorrectly if you move an IL eligible player to an IL spot in the organizer. Leaving player on the bench, the count shows as 40 of 41. Which is what I would say is correct. If I move the player to an IL spot, then the system updates to show 39 of 41. This seems like double counting of the injury and now gives the impression of 2 available spots instead of the 1.

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I think the player has to officially be placed on the IL before you get an extra roster spot.

Since the Roster Organizer is a planning tool, when you put someone on the IL there, it tries to give you an extra roster spot. It does this by not counting the player against your roster. The idea is that you’re planning for someone to be on the IL, even if they are not quite yet.

What should be happening is it should be adding a roster spot, just like the site does. And it should only add 1 roster spot per player, not two - one for being on the IL in real life, one for being on your roster organizer’s IL.

So this is a bug and I’ll explore it this week.

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Ok, I believe this should be fixed.

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Swapping bug is fixed on my end, but still having the IL bug I mentioned in the other thread:

“Moving players off of IL seems to not quite work right. For example, my roster is currently at 41 of 41 (single player on 60IL), if I move him off, the organizer updates to 41 of 40; but if I refresh the page, it reverts 41 of 41, acknowledging that said player is currently on IL, rather than overriding their IL status with him on my bench.”

If I then move that player back into an IL slot the organizer updates to 41 of 42, resets to 41 of 41 with a refresh.

Note: This is for a player with active 60IL status, not a player who is an active that I’ve placed into an IL slot.

I guess my question is how is the organizer supposed to handle adding roster slots for those on IL; is it based on their current status, or where they are placed within the organizer? Right now it seems as if it’s trying to do both and that is what’s causing the glitch.

Can upload photos if needed.

Yeah it sounds like this bug, which I thought I fixed in 2019, has come back. I think this and the Roster Organizer / Lineup page bug might be both related to a JS library upgrade from earlier this year. I’ll investigate tonight.

Nevermind, this is a different bug. The Roster Organizer is not doing a good job of tracking player’s current status. The behavior is:

  1. Any player moved to IL results in an additional roster spot
  2. Any player moved away from IL results in one fewer roster spot

What the behavior should be:

  1. Any player moved to IL results in an additional roster spot, unless this player already is giving an extra roster spot.
  2. Any player moved off the IL results in one fewer roster spot, unless that player has a status that would result in an extra roster spot.

This will take a little while to build out properly and I will probably wait to see how things go on the first few days of the season before tackling it, but now it is identified and will be fixed soon.

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This is actually where I disagree with you Niv. I don’t disagree with #1 (becomes irrelevant with how I would prefer the tool to be setup), but I do #2.

Because the roster organizer is meant simply as a planning tool and not an actual representation of one’s roster, I think it should ignore the player’s current status completely and be driven entirely by what slot they are placed into. I don’t want the organizer to force added roster spots because of the current state of my players. It’s meant to be a hypothetical space to plan; I should have total control as to whether or not a player is designated injured and creating a extra spot.

Based on how I’m reading your response above (Rule #2), if someone is currently on IL (based on real life gameplay) there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to remove them from it within the organizer and I’m therefore stuck with extra roster slot they’ve created without anyway of removing it.

For instance:

Currently I have Freddie Freeman on my team.
My “Roster” is 40 of 42 (Freeman/COVID19, Moronta/60IL).

On the organizer page, I have Freeman in my 1B slot; it says 40 of 42. In my mind it should read 40 of 41, because I’m trying to plan for next week when Freeman will no longer have his COVID-19 designation.

Yeah, I see your point. The idea originally was that a player would be moved to the IL only if you were planning on a situation in which they’d be on the 60-day or something like that. Otherwise you could just leave them on the bench. But maybe the IL should become an unopinionated like ‘Bench’, just for organization.

When our IL information came over a little slower, it made more sense to have the IL slot on the Roster Organizer be a place you could plan for the eventual placement of a player on the 60-day, etc. This is less relevant in 2020 than it was even 3 years ago.

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The roster organizer IL spots no longer affect the number of available roster spots displayed on that page.