Roster Organizer and Injured Players


I am curious how the Roster Organizer is intended to function when you have a 60 day IL eligible player.

Right now the system seems to count incorrectly if you move an IL eligible player to an IL spot in the organizer. Leaving player on the bench, the count shows as 40 of 41. Which is what I would say is correct. If I move the player to an IL spot, then the system updates to show 39 of 41. This seems like double counting of the injury and now gives the impression of 2 available spots instead of the 1.

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I think the player has to officially be placed on the IL before you get an extra roster spot.



Since the Roster Organizer is a planning tool, when you put someone on the IL there, it tries to give you an extra roster spot. It does this by not counting the player against your roster. The idea is that you’re planning for someone to be on the IL, even if they are not quite yet.

What should be happening is it should be adding a roster spot, just like the site does. And it should only add 1 roster spot per player, not two - one for being on the IL in real life, one for being on your roster organizer’s IL.

So this is a bug and I’ll explore it this week.

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Ok, I believe this should be fixed.