Roster Organizer and Re-Acquired Players

When I re-acquire a player I had previously owned, he gets put into the same status on the Roster Organizer that he last had during his prior stint on my roster. That doesn’t really make sense. When I owned him before, I was planning to cut or trade him; that doesn’t mean I have the same intent the moment I re-acquire him. It would probably be better for all acquired (or re-acquired) players to default to the bench.

This is very minor and inconsequential in most cases, but it did sting me during this year’s draft. I was using the Roster Organizer during the draft. I drafted a couple of formerly-owned players and they landed in the Cut pile without me noticing. That meant they didn’t count against the 40-player limit shown atop that page, so I thought I had more openings than I really did. I should have managed it better, but the fact that they retained their old status was an unpleasant surprise.

Have you had this issue recently, or was it just during the draft? I believe it was addressed in March but I might be wrong.

Yes, I believe this was fixed on March 11 of this year, based on reviewing code commits from that time period. As of that change, when a player is cut, their roster organizer record is removed. If they are re-acquired, the system will not have any knowledge of their previous roster organizer placement.

You may not have noticed this change because you have re-acquired players that you cut before March 11 of this year, but that will phase out over time.

Cool, thanks.

It did happen recently, but it was a player I had last owned ten months ago, so your March 11 fix wouldn’t have been apparent in this instance.

One follow-up question: your description of the fix refers to cuts, but the same slate-wiping should happen when a player is traded away, right? If that was implied, then nevermind.

Thanks for giving this prompt and thoughtful attention, as you always do! They don’t give customer service like this at CBS.

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Yes, it happens any time a player has a transaction off a team.

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