Roster Organizer Has Wrong Number of Roster Slots(?)

Got a non-urgent issue. Just bringing it to your attention.

League 152, team 1652 (“Concussed Rodeo Clowns”)

My roster page shows me with 20/24 roster slots, which I believe is correct. However, when I go over to my roster organizer it shows me with 20/22.

I think it has something to do with the classification of those 4 injured players. They are:

  • Michael Thomas: PUP
  • JK Dobbins: IR
  • Cam Akers: NFI
  • Travis Entienne: IR

Thinking that PUP and NFI guys are not being given an extra spot in the organizer. Or do I just have 2 roster spots to work with for the time being? Thanks in advance.

PUP and NFI were not being counted on Roster Organizer. This has been fixed. Thanks @walt526 !

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