Roster Organizer moving “bench” slots to lineup

Hey Niv, got a weird one.

I haven’t tested this anywhere else, just safari on iPad for now.

When I move a second player into a slot I have previously changed, that player’s position comes with them, as if the prior position was not locked. Sorry, I know that description is shit, hopefully this example helps.

Here is an example after moving Nola to the bench for Paddack and then swapping Keller for Paddack:

Here is the page after refreshing, Keller moves to the bench, leaving an SP slot unfilled:

Here’s another example with lineup slots showing up under the bench area and bench in the lineup:

I’m not sure if this is consistent, but I tried it across a few of my teams and the same behavior showed up.

I’ll try to recreate this today.

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Was able to recreate. Will investigate further.

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