Roster Organizer moving “bench” slots to lineup

Hey Niv, got a weird one.

I haven’t tested this anywhere else, just safari on iPad for now.

When I move a second player into a slot I have previously changed, that player’s position comes with them, as if the prior position was not locked. Sorry, I know that description is shit, hopefully this example helps.

Here is an example after moving Nola to the bench for Paddack and then swapping Keller for Paddack:

Here is the page after refreshing, Keller moves to the bench, leaving an SP slot unfilled:

Here’s another example with lineup slots showing up under the bench area and bench in the lineup:

I’m not sure if this is consistent, but I tried it across a few of my teams and the same behavior showed up.

I’ll try to recreate this today.

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Was able to recreate. Will investigate further.

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Lineups page is still a bit wonky for me on safari for iPhone. Is there anything I need to do to fix it? Or is it just an issue with the browser I’m using

This is still being investigated. Thanks for the reminder.

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I think this is fixed. There was a bug affecting both the roster organizer and the lineups page. If you still are having issues swapping one slot multiple times without refreshing on either the lineups page or roster organizer, please let me know.


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