Roster Organizer to track different hypotheticals

I would also be interested in the ability to save multiple roster organizers for your team, so you can chart different paths or scenarios.


I agree, this would be useful.

How do you guys envision this working on the site? It seems like a decent amount of work, so I’d also like to hear from more people that find this idea compelling and how they envision it working.

Here’s how I envision it, no idea if it matches others’ thoughts.

Imagine at the top of the Roster Organizer having some kind of file selector (dropdown menu works fine, could also be tabs). There would be additional “new” and “copy from current” buttons, from which you could copy existing Roster Organizers or create a new one based on your current roster, saving each with a custom filename ideally. Then you could edit one Roster Organizer without affecting others, deleting ones that are obsolete as you go. The utility of the tool to me is in comparing different scenarios you are envisioning for the team, for example weighing the different knock-on effects of two trade offers you have received. I might have “Keep Lindor” and “Trade Lindor” scenarios or whatever.

By no means is this a core functionality but it’s one I’ve found myself wanting when I’m on the Roster Organizer. Inevitably I do it outside Otto, usually on paper but sometimes a spreadsheet.


I have some ideas on how to implement this and I agree it would be a really cool next step for the Roster Organizer. However it will have to wait for a little while. I’ll try to give another update soon.

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This is a fun idea. I had a similar request to this a while back that I think could tie into the scenarios. A simple current/future tab where one table on the left is your current team (pos, salary, pts maybe) and on the right is your future team. I do the same exact thing hahiggins does but in spreadsheet form.

A related idea - being able to make a roster organizer scenario for your opponents. This could help with trade scenarios and predicting their keeper/cuts.

I, too, am looking to do away with a spreadsheet. I really like having quick access to my notes in the Roster Organizer page, so am leaning on it a bit more this year.

For what I had in mind, the core functionality of the Roster Organizer doesn’t need to change much.

What I would like to add is a notion of “primary” and “alternative” options. Basically, for each position, I can set a primary option – a player I’m favoring or actively considering for a particular position (the roster organizer does this right now). Once I’ve got a primary option I would like to have the ability to add one or more alternative options.

How this might work:

  1. Add a Show/Hide Alternatives icon/button/link/what-have-you within the position row
  2. When expanded, offer the option to add an alternative target for the position – adding an alternative target can work exactly as adding a target does right now.
  3. Let me swap primary/alternative options around as I might bench and lineup players right now. The primary option would count against the cap whereas the alternative(s) would not.

Rough idea:

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