Roster Size Limit

As I’ve started to get the hang of dynasty fantasy football, a question I’ve started to wonder is why the roster limit is set at 20 players? In reading forums and guides I see lots of comments stating that a 20 roster limit is rather small for a dynasty league, especially one that let’s you roster college prospects.

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20 roster spots and $400 has nice roster/$ math, and 11 bench spots felt pretty deep at the time. Looking through player own%, it might make sense to move to a 25-man roster for fantasy football in the future. What is the roster size limits you’ve been seeing when reading about other dynasty formats?

The consensus seems to fall between 24 to 30 as more comfortable for being able to have more leeway with some deeper stashes or college players without having to sacrifice your actual useful players, which I would tend to agree with. Maybe it’s me but I think the appeal of dynasty is that you can take a chance on a 5th string WR hoping he’ll pay off in two seasons. The larger roster sizes lead to a way less active waiver wire though, which could potentially bother some people.

Thanks for the response btw Niv. I think this is a great platform, and I appreciate being able to have a community where we can so openly discuss ways to improve it.


That is the appeal of dynasty, definitely. I’ll take it into consideration.

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