Roster Strategy/FAQ for New Ottoneu Players

Got it. So, when can we put players to DL and look to pick up free agents? Day after draft?

Strategically, I assume I should reserve some salary cap to allow for in season pick ups then right?

Finally, how does the in season FA process work?

Lovin this format. Auction, dynastyesque, major trade incentives, great structure, open value based system. Very cool!

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You can’t move players to the DL in Ottoneu - DL status is set by the actual major league teams.

In-season, all players are acquired via a 48-hour blind auction. The highest bid gets the player at the price of the second highest bid +1. If two teams bid the same, the team lower in the standings will get the player.

So yes, budgeting for some in-season roster churn is a good move, but how much is kind of the art of the game.