Rotoballer feeds now integrated across the baseball site


As part of our growing partnership with Rotoballer, we’ve added player news and matchup ratings to the site. Player news can be found on player pages, and the matchup rating is on the lineup page. The matchup rating is a number that grades a player’s matchup on a given day.

100 is considered average, 110 is 10% above average, and 90 is 10% below average.

Currently, matchup ratings are showing as “N/A”, but will start populating as we get closer to the regular season.

These feeds were added to the football site last season, and I really like them - I hope you find them as useful as I do!

Opening Day 2018 Open Thread

Great addition to have more player news, and the match-up ratings. Thanks!


Any influence over their writing talent? A typical sentence construction: “The 23 year old former top prospect still has a lot of time to prove himself in the MLB especially after hitting .277 last year, the potential is there.”