Rougned Odor Missing Matchup Rating

@nivshah - I searched and found another thread from the end of march but comments had been closed. Rougned Odor has continually not had a matchup rating since I picked him up in mid-July. Everyone else eventually filtered through naturally, but he’s continually been N/A the entire time. Would you possibly be able to look into this please? Thanks!

Yeah, I can guess at why this is happening - Rougned Odor has a brother with his same name, and it causes an ID mismatch with… basically every data provider on earth. I’ll make sure our data provider for matchup ratings takes note of this one-off.

Thank you very much!

This has been the case with the Cardinals 1B/OF Jose Martinez as well, no Matchup Rating all season. Possibly due to an identically named minor league player as well then?

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Yeah, that seems right. If there are others, please let me know. I have a call with them this week and I would minimally like this partner to set up better player matching for next season.

Jose Ramirez has been like this as well—not that anyone checks for him, heh.

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