RP Openers

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This could be a waste of a question if “openers” are already out of style in the MLB, but it reference to max games started in the leagues, if a reliever gets to open a game, does that count as a game started? And if so, how to managers here work with, or around that?


This is covered here:

The lineup page has an icon for projected starters.

In terms of their utility in Ottoneu, openers are useless in H2H but may have some value in season long roto leagues since you can slot them into a SP slot, (usually) get decent ratios from them, and still start 5 conventional RP. They’re less useful (but not necessarily useless) in season-long points leagues because they can’t accumulate saves or holds, which is much of what gives RP their P/IP advantage.

In H2H and 5x5, followers have some value. I got some good mileage out of Yarbrough in 5x5 when they used him as a follower and got some cheap wins. They are less useful in season long points.

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