RPs in Ottoneu 4x4

Ottonewb with a question for winning teams: how much of the $400 should be targeted for relief pitchers? Thanks!

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I probably wouldn’t spend more than $25 total on RP in 4x4, and I much prefer to spend something like $10-$15.


Ottoneu’s Average Values will be your friend here. $25 from Vibber is a good baseline, but there’s teams that can have good bullpens with <$10 budget, and teams that might need to spend closer to the ceiling. Like any format, you’ll want to maximize the contribution RPs make to the overall line, but without the need for SV/HD, the player pool expands. Make sure you have good RPs, but if you feel confident in your ability to tab good players at the end of drafts / find and pickup the breakouts in-season, it’s a good cost saving area for the draft.


I probably lean too far into not spending enough, but IP is a big factor for me in picking up RP. A very good long relief pitcher might help even more than a closer, since they get more innings to influence your bottom line.

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