Running Tally for setting up the week's lineup

Hi everyone.

On Monday I like to set my tentative lineup for the week. At first I manually kept track of how many available Guard or Forward or Center, etc. spots I had left for Thursday or Friday, etc. based on what I had set up for the earlier part of the week. That soon became incredibly annoying because since I didn’t want to introduce a paper and pencil into the process I often had to scroll through the week’s lineup several times to tally up. Eventually, I went ahead and created a google sheet to help me out and make sure that I had that week’s 27 roster spots taken care of.

To be honest I really hate having to go to the google sheet, and it’s been the most frustrating aspect of this fantasy basketball season (especially when Saturday comes by and I realize I’m not going to be able to use all my spots).

Would it be possible to have a running tally for each position that counts each position according to who you have on the week’s lineup and who has already played?

This is going to be addressed in the next few days with a new thing I’m testing right now.


Hi Niv, hope you’re doing well. Any update on this feature?

Still working on this - have a few people testing it and finding bugs, so it is close!

Awesome. Can’t wait!

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