SaberSim Lineup Tool by John Wright

For those looking for an edge in lineup management, check out the daily SaberSim tool that @jfwiii has created. It’s simple to use and is a big help in trying to determine which players to start or sit each day. You can check out the tool here and save it to your own Drive.


  1. Read the disclaimers and notes below before using this tool.
  2. Make a copy of this sheet and save it to your own Google Drive before customizing it with your league info.
    Once you do this, you should be able to use your customized version(s) every day. Check back occasionally for updates to the master file.
    On your new file, you will get a reference error on the update time cell above. Mouse over the cell & click the blue “Request Access” button to use
    this feature, which you may find useful. You should only have to request access once.
  3. Enter your league number in the gray box above. Give the spreadsheet a moment to work.
  4. Filter the “League Projections” tab for players on your team.
    —Use the drop-down from the “Team” column, click “Clear” to uncheck all teams, then click the check box for your team. Click “OK.”
    —Some special characters may cause team names to be formatted oddly. Why would you name your team that, anyway?
    —The default sort order is descending by points, which lists SPs first. (At least, all but the most terrible ones.)
  5. You will see some cell coloring that is based on the player’s projection. Your esteemed author has made an editorial decision
    to use the values below (in the notes section) to set these formats.
  6. There will be players who are not projected but probably should be. Check the SaberSim data (tabs “Batting” and “Pitching”)
    to be sure there is no projection. Sometimes it overreacts to players being out of the lineup and doesn’t project them the following day.
  7. Contact the author @jfwiii to offer feedback.


Again, terrific tool @jfwiii - I use it every day now. Love it.

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when i get the “this won’t work for your scoring type” error (say i enter a 4x4 league) does it still technically work (e.g., it pulls in the data and ranks the players but ranks based on Pts and so is not accurate for 4x4) or does it actually break the spreadsheet?

It will still pull in the day’s stats, rank players, and allow you to filter for your team. It looks like it defaulted to SABR pts for the rankings, based on one 4x4 example that I tried (28), although I didn’t dig back into the details to see exactly what it should do. I suppose the team-based filter gives the tool at least a tiny bit of utility for 4x4 and 5x5 leagues.

I’ve used the tool for my 4x4 league, using the Pts as a proxy for 4x4 performance and the projected Hitter/Pitcher matchup.

yeah, that was my thinking. at least in 4x4, if player A is going to have a better Pts day than player B, he is probably also going to have a better 4x4 day. it’s a bit tougher in 5x5, but still has some utility i would think.

Agreed. The vagaries of 5x5 value preclude it from being too useful though.

John will you be updating this tool for the 2017 season? I found it to be a big help last year, one of my favorite tools I’ve seen.

Yes, as long as the data will be available, I will plan to update it.


Absolutely fantastic tool, and a lifesaver for someone like me that needs to edit lineups quickly.


SaberSim tool status: currently broken

Don’t know if they’re still planning to have SaberSim projections on FG, but they are not available this morning. I signed myself up for a trial on the SaberSim site, but unfortunately they don’t provide the necessary data on their site, even as part of their csv export. They don’t provide PAs, which are both pretty crucial and also difficult to estimate, since they also do not provide ABs or Outs. So unless FG gets their act together or SaberSim begins allowing a full export, it’s broken.

Of course, if SaberSim is not publishing the data in some kind of freely-available format this year, I’m not going to update the tool publicly anyway.

Hopefully FG is planning to have this data again for 2017. I should be able to fix it pretty quickly if they do.

We are back up and running. It appears FG was just slow to post SaberSim today. Here is the link to this year’s version of the tool:

Daily ottoneu SaberSim projections rev 20170402 (Google Docs link)

Please make a copy into your own Google Drive and leave the original intact. I make a copy for each of my leagues, so that I don’t have to change the league number.


I have made a minor tweak to the formatting in the SaberSim tool. The red/yellow/green color scale values are now a little higher for batters and lower for pitchers, which should better reflect current league dynamics. The old version is still usable, but if you want the new version, you can get it here:

Daily ottoneu SaberSim projections rev 20170714 (Google Docs link)


Any update on whether the tool will be working for 2018? Thanks!

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Time to update this thread. The handsome and intelligent @jfwiii had to move on from Ottoneu for a bit. He was nice enough to transfer ownership of the SaberSim tool to me. After some help from fellow ottoneurs, we have got it back up and working. Please message me if you have any suggestions or questions as I’ll be the one doing most of the updating and maintenance. Have a great season everyone! Ottoneu SaberSim Tool


Is this up and running for the current season? If so, it would be a huge help. Thanks!

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Hello. Is the SaberSim Lineup Tool still running in 2019? If so could you provide a link to it. Thanks

I am assuming it is not because Pat has retired from fantasy baseball as well