Scoring Issues, 7/16

Any idea what’s up with scoring? Daily leagues seem to be fine, but my weekly home league and OPL are blank.

About to check it out.

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OPL scores are showing up.

Weekly leagues are having scores tracked, but the Live page is broken. Continuing to investigate.

The live page for weekly lineup leagues is now working.

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OPL round totals still aren’t showing - definitely not something we need but it’d be nice to see them. (This is both for the home page under R4 and for scores/round.)

Yeah, overall and round leaderboards were not being updated because they become much less relevant now that the playoffs are live.

I’ll look into updating them but I’m not exactly sure what value they bring now that the playoffs are live.

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Round leaderboards should start updating shortly.

Awesome, looks great! Probably not much actual value – it was more of an aesthetic thing for me. (Having a Round 4 column and page but with zeroes.) Freezing the overall leaderboards makes sense.

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They are both updating and it is all fine :slight_smile:

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