Season-end player salary increases

I understand that rostered players with MLB service time in 2017 will have their salaries adjusted by $2

How about players ending the season on waivers…same adjustment?

Only players that are owned will see the salary inflation ($2 for players with MLB experience). All waiver players will remain free agents throughout the winter until your league’s auction in the spring.

Additionally, all cap penalties are removed as soon as the regular season ends.

Any update on when this is happening? Thanks!

After this finishes


I mentioned this over here but I’ll bump this thread too:

Year end stuff, including inflation, will happen tomorrow morning.

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You can skip my team’'s salary inflation if it makes your job easier


This is now done! Please let me know if you see anything weird.


not sure if this is related to the change(s) but the Ownership PCT CHG for 7- and 30-days are all running at over -100%

Definitely related - I’ll look into that.

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and maybe this too

naturally the 2018 Projected Position Line is gone from the Player Card but the Position Eligibility doesn’t match up with the FanGraphs Position Eligibility…at least for several that I saw

noticed this with a couple players on my roster whose 2017 eligibility was expected to change in 2018

not sure what the driver(s) are so maybe these aren’t necessarily in sync

EDIT: a second look suggests that the Ottoneu Positions have been updated and FG not…s/b ok