Second Year League $100 Roto (Baseball)

I am looking to fill a spot in a second year $100 Roto if anyone is interested. I am looking to fill the spot before Arb. (Format is $30 Arb money to put on other teams). If interested I can let u view the team before making a decision. Contact me if interested. Thanks.

Hey man, I’m always up for a money league if the roster is competitive. I don’t look at
this community site that often, but I’m tarheelhitch at gmail and on twitter if you wanna show it to me

Email is I will add u to take a look at the team or I can email u the roster whatever u would like. I am currently in four ottoneu leagues and most of them are 3-5 years old. This league was set up last year as a $50 dollar league but is going to $100 league for 2019. Take a look the guys I have in this league are good guys and are very competitive. Just need to add one more.

If it is still available, I’d be interested in looking at the team as well. I’m in the market for a new team.

One team in $100 League still open. Its top three players are Altuve, Harper, and Gary Sanchez. The team also has some good ML. I can send out the entire roster if someone is interested…

You’ll get more responses if you link the team here.

Here are the teams…League is going from $50 to $100 and I will be putting them up as soon as I can do the increase in the league fee. If someone has an interest before hand I will add them.