Separate minor teams?

Hey, I am starting up a new league and while looking thru the list of people wanting to find a league, and the message boards, I’ve seen a few mentions of “separate minor league rosters”. Is this a common thing? Can someone share some examples of how this has worked well in your league? Thanks.

You can search the forums for “5milb”.

This is, in my opinion, a bad, anti-player ruleset and also makes a league ineligible for OPL.

@joecatz can speak to this more if he feels up for it.


Ok, good to know. In my previous Ottoneu leagues we haven’t done that and it’s been just fine.

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I was really into it for my second or third year in Ottonue and decided after a year or so that it didn’t add much to the league. I’m in one league with a 10 MiLB, but if it were up to me we’d cancel it. If you want a true fantasy baseball dynasty, then that’s not really Ottonue.

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Please take it from me, as someone who has played in every type of add on format and been the culprit of creation of many of these over the last decade.

Just don’t do it. Any and every league that has these or any type of add on will experience a horrible economic impact down the line and it’s just not worth it.

That’s my take. The OG OTN is where it’s at.


Appreciate the comments, will keep the league standard!