September 13 Standings Anomaly

I was looking at league standings and noticed something unexpected. Around September 13, one to five teams in each of my leagues had a big Points per day jump. See attached image.

I don’t remember any craziness around that time. Is this just a charting bug?

I was just re-running stats from 9/14-10/2 so this might be related.

I noticed this in my league (99) as well, but only 2 (?) teams were effected. I’d be curious to hear what the cause was.

Ah. The Games/IP chart also has some weirdness and doesn’t allow setting a forward range.

Ok I figured out what is going on here and will take me a hour or so to fix it.

Took a couple of hours but now this should be fixed!

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Looks fixed!

Would you imagine any small corrections from re-running the stats? I could be misremembering, but I feel like I gained 3 points from yesterday. Could be an official scorer’s correction, I guess.

That is the reasoning behind re-running stats. However, I cannot speak to any specific changes.