Set Lineups for Future Weeks

I can set lineups for today and future days in the current weekly matchup I am in, but am not seeing anywhere to set the matchup for future weeks.

Click the current date and you’ll get a date picker.

Great thanks, that works!

Kinda related question. I am not sure if there is a set term for this, but how do you change the “default” lineup. For example, I have Ben Simmons, and at some point had put him into my starting lineup. Its now looking like he is not going to play for a while. And while I can go into my lineup on any given day and remove him from it, I would rather not have to make that same move every day in the schedule.

I have a lot of words about this, and will write something in depth in a separate topic tomorrow.


Am I missing something about how to set lineups outside of the current week’s matchup? What I mean is that I seem to only be able to change my lineup on days that are within my current matchup. So if it’s Saturday, I can change my lineup for Saturday and Sunday, but not Monday because that is part of my next matchup. Even today (Monday), actually, it’s just showing me the results of my matchup this past week and it hasn’t seemed to turn over to this week’s matchup so I can’t set the lineups today. I would really like to be able to do this because I like to set my lineups a day ahead in case I get tied up the following day. Can anyone help me here?


I have a bunch of lineup page stuff I’m getting to today, including making future lineups a little cleaner and navigating between weeks more obvious. Will update when its live.

Don’t see a post about this so it may be user error on my part, but I can’t find a way to set my basketball lineup for the current scoring period (starting today, 10/25) or future scoring periods. When I go to the “Lineup” page, the only dates available are for the prior week. Is there a way to set lineups for future dates, or do I just need to wait for lineups to unlock for this new scoring period? Thanks!

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Sorry - found a separate thread on this as soon as I posted - all good

I’ve added left and right arrows to the lineup page that let you jump to the previous or next game in your schedule

This can happen if someone goes forward in time on the lineup page. Due to how various parts of the site work, going forward to a future date wrote a new lineup to the database for that date. So if you went to the lineup page, went forward a bunch of dates, and now are setting your lineups, you are actually modifying all the lineups you “set” in the future by visiting a future date on the lineup page.

I’ve modified this behavior this morning so going forward, if you go to a future date, lineups are only committed to the database if you make a change. Otherwise the system will look at the most recent lineup slot for every player in your lineup as best it can.

I’m continuing to monitor this.