Setting lineups

I keep changing my lineup, but the changes don’t seem to stick, can anyone help this newbie? Is there someplace in the rules that deals with how to set lineups? Thanks.

Make sure you’re actually on the “Lineups” page and not the “Roster Organizer” page. If you don’t see dates at the top you’re not in the right place.

Have you cleared your browser’s cache? What browser are you using?

Any more details about what changes aren’t sticking would be helpful in figuring out what is going on. I have confirmed lineups are working for me at least.

Thanks for the responses. I can’t figure out why Eduardo Rodriguez keeps showing up in my lineup, when I had benched him for Lance McCullers a couple of times. Tried it again, maybe the change will stick this time? Using Microsoft Edge as my browser.

What happens if you move him to your bench, wait a beat and then refresh the page? Does he remain in your lineup?

Is he showing up back in your lineup for future dates?