Sham teams?

League 1403 looks really strange. Someone of neutral authority (Niv) needs to look at. I accidentally ran into while researching trades. League looks like a sham to build points

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We’ve discussed on Slack and Niv is aware.

They’re doing something weird where each team controls 2 teams. It’s a $20 private league and not OPL eligible, so no concerns on that front.

Thanks. I hope the League is not on the Global LeaderBoards…those are fun. A league like 1403 destroys the integrity

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It would be helpful if they weren’t included in the Average Values page either.

Before hand, I submitted a wishlist item to have a filter to exclude OPL ineligible teams, if you want to vote for it.

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I’d honestly rather just shut down the global leaderboards. Lots of leagues do lots of different things.

Please don’t use the forums for witchhunting leagues, especially leagues you aren’t in and don’t really affect you. If you have any concerns you can email