Sharing Potential Trade Info

I’m not sure if this is 100% the correct section.

I have an excess of top top SP and was considering a “blockbuster” trade for one of said pitchers, for a top top OF. I had a couple hang ups regarding the price of said OF, and the trade didn’t work out yet. Then today while discussing a trade for another OF, with another one of my SP, the person mentioned they were aware of my previous trade discussions from the previous day.

They didn’t just know blank details though. They knew exactly which two players it was, and what the hangup on my side was.

Is that a faux pas? I tried looking through the rules but couldn’t really see it being mentioned.

I have no problem with telling someone the general gist, saying who you might move on your team, or that you have another trade in the works. But telling another team the exact workings of a potential trade?

Looking for other peoples thoughts. I had just assumed it was not allowed, but as this is my first season in Ottoneu, now I’m wondering if maybe it’s common.

Are you asking if the game allows you to share information about trades with other people?

There are no rules about what you can and can’t communicate with other people. Any rule of that nature would be un-enforceable.

If you’re asking about fantasy owner etiquette, that is another question altogether. My rule for all negotiations: only share information that you expect to become widely known.


I understand that its not a rule and it is definitely unenforceable. I was mostly just curious, as you said, whether it was considered ‘ethical’ within the community. I don’t have that much of a problem with it. I was just more surprised than anything.

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I wouldn’t consider it unethical - not sure how other’s feel on that matter…

I’ve had information like that shared with me (and have shared the same to others on rare occasions), but it’s been limited to leagues where I’ve been playing with the same core group of owners for two+ seasons. I don’t think it’s wrong to share information in that way, but you run the very real risk that the other owners in your league won’t want to negotiate with you if they know you’re sharing those negotiations (often as leverage for a different deal).


In general, I wouldn’t do it, beyond a very general “I have another deal on the table involving a MLB OF and a top 20 prospect”.

That was how I was operating as well. I’ll likely keep that as my general strategy, though it seem’s I’ll have to adapt slightly with a couple owners.

Personally, I don’t see it as a problem, because you want other managers to know where you’re trying to set the market on a player, especially if you cant get your primary deal completed. I’ve found more transparency leads to more trades, and optimal teams.

More than anything, I find that other managers are uninterested in our personal trade dealings, and I rarely discuss trade details as a courtesy.

I wouldn’t consider it an ethical issue unless you thought there was some type of collusion going on in your league, but you intimated that you rejected the trade, so I would assume good faith in the situation being discussed.

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I was using the word ethics very lightly. I didn’t think it was a cause for concern so much as I didn’t think it would be practiced. Everything said so far though makes sense and I agree.


I’m new to Ottoneu as well. Loving it so far!

I don’t know if this is helpful but I literally found the tab Rejected Trades and looked at it. I was surprised that not only was my offer there but so were my comments. I think it’s a cool element however was totally surprised.

Not sure how much of your strategy you shared in the original trade offer but it’s totally possible that there was no information being shared between other players but rather just a player scoping out the rejected trade section.

Hope this is helpful.



Important note: you can only see trades you’ve rejected or had rejected, not all rejected trades in your league.

Ah… that makes a lot of sense. I did think it was kind of cool that we could see the thought-process but this makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying! Love this format!

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In general, I suppose it’s poor etiquette to share the details of trade negotiations. However, there are times I think it can be warranted.

During my first year, and despite actively shopping several players, another owner traded away a young, cheap Gary Sanchez without me ever knowing he was available. Perhaps he was offered to several teams, but he never appeared on the owner’s trade block and I wasn’t approached. I had been actively negotiating with the team he ended up trading with and I was made aware there was another offer on the table. I thought my offer was fair and I was being told I could beat this other offer by including other players.

Feeling like I didn’t have all the info, I posted to the league message board, basically reiterating all the players I was actively shopping. It didn’t end up changing anything though. The other two teams completed their trade.