Short-season IP Caps not working

It looks like the 280 cap is not working in our playoff league. See link for team earning pitching points despite having hit the cap the day before.

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Yep, this is a confirmed bug. I am working on a fix now.

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The inning cap is now being properly enforced. I’ve re-run stats from the last 6 days to ensure that any team that passed the innings cap would not get credit for innings on subsequent days. Fun fact, the first inning cap of 2020 was met on 8/23.

The standings pages should now reflect the correct stats totals, taking into account innings caps.

I’m still working on updating the Daily Stats pages for 8/23 to yesterday, will update shortly.

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I believe this is now fixed. Thanks for the bug report! @banejacobs gets a Bug Catcher badge.

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Hello Niv. Not quite sure what you did but this team had over 300 innings on this date. Since the correction and per the link, he now has less than 280 innings. I thought the correction would be to disallow points earned after exceeding the 280 innings, not reduce points and reduce innings. If I am mistaken please let me know and thanks for Ottoneu.

I’ll double-check and verify first thing in the morning. Thanks for the note.

I just took a look, and team 7297, Santa Fe Pitspitters, didn’t have anything adjusted when I fixed the bug earlier today. They are not in the database as having gone over 280 IP this season.

The teams that were adjusted in League 1039 are:
Infant Sorrow (ID 7346)
Dahl-righty Then! (ID 7368)
Scott Boar Asses (ID 7426)

Thank you very much Niv. I misread a stat. That is my bad for looking at this on my phone instead of using the large desktop monitor.

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No problem. Happy to help out and ensure that our stats are correct and verified.