Should I pull the trigger?

Old School

I get:

Trevor Story for $15
Kevin Maitan for $13

I give up:

Ian Desmond for $20
Hunter Renfroe for $6
Jose De Leon for $8

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There’s an argument that Maitan should not be owned in Ottoneu at all, so I can’t see any value at all at $13. This becomes Story for the trio, and though Desmond is definitely more interesting now that he’s in COL, I think I still want Story here. If you could get anything of value with Story other than Maitan, try it.

I still wouldn’t own Kevin Maitan in Ottoneu (even for $1), but here’s some positive feedback on him from BA today:

Wow, that’s some pretty high optimism. I countered with just Story for Desmond and De Leon so we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the input!