Show all playoff games on the league home page

Very small QOL style wish- We’re in the playoffs of our H2H league & you have to navigate to the playoffs tab to see what happening. Would be cool to see those up front where the ‘schedule’ link is instead imo.

I’m not really sure what you mean in terms of having to navigate to the playoff tab.

League home page for 13:

Clicking Details here shows the full box score of the game.

You can also click “Today’s Stats” to see everyone’s production on one screen.

Is there something else you want to see easily?

Weird - maybe it’s bc I’m on a bye? This is what I see:

Oh yeah its because you are on a bye, definitely. Let me think on that.

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I think for playoff weeks, no matter if you’re on a bye or not, all the playoff games should show up at the top of the league page. During the season and especially with multiple matchups, focusing on just your team makes sense, but in the post-season every game matters and there are never more than a few.

So I’ll make this change this week!


Alright this is now happening.


Looks awesome thank you!

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