Show one day point difference longer into a new day

On the standings page, recent point performance is changing for 7 and 30 day but the one day always shows 0.0. Is anyone else seeing this? Not essential but easier to see movement without needing to do math! Thanks

So this is because I was a little lazy on Japanese Opening Day and moved the start of the “new day of games” to 5am ET. For some reason it never occurred to me that the start of each day should be whenever games start that day :roll_eyes: Will try and make that change today!

Starting tomorrow, the day will “switch” about 1 hour before games start for that day. This will show points changes from today to yesterday for a longer period of time, and only start showing how many points you’ve changed “today” closer to when MLB games actually start.

This is somewhere between Tech Support and a Wishlist item, so I’ll grant @AndrewR a Genie Badge for this suggestion.

This seems to be working, which is great, because now I can see my 4x4 team’s -4.5 points that was mostly due to Steven Matz’s outing yesterday. SO THANKS.