Show Projected SP GS

Loving these. One helpful user tool for the Wishlist (sorry if I’m not posting this in the right place):

Display projected GS remaining next to actual GS remaining. E.g. let’s say that today (Monday) I have 10 GS, and 1 projected starters.

Now it’s still Monday morning, but I flip over to the Tuesday lineup page. It would be cool if the Tuesday lineup page somehow reflected that, based on the lineups I have set now, I would only have 9 GS. Maybe it says 9/10 or something.

The hard parts this implementation are:

  • Do you include only projected GS up to the date you’re looking at, or for the whole week? E.g. if I’m looking at Tuesday’s page, does it say 9/10, or does it say 3/10 because based on current lineup settings I will reach 7 GS by end of Sunday. (Latter seems better to me?)
  • Do you include games started on the day you are looking at? (I think yes?)

Something like this would make it much easier to track GS as you set lineups in advance!

Please make new posts in the Wishlist forum when you have a feature you’d like to see implemented.

This feature would rely heavily on projected SP, which was a data source owners did not find reliable last season. I believe we have a better data provider this year, but worth considering.

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OP, I typically use the “Next 7 Days” look in the lineup screen to help plan my pitching week and see if I can skip some starts from my back-end starters, which is what I think you are trying to achieve.


Holy shit, I didn’t know about that. I still think it would be useful to have something that displays how many starts you’d achieve with current lineup settings…but this is very helpful, thanks (splendid) splinter!

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