Show salaries in transaction table and on auction page

Are the dollar values next to football players that are won at auction now missing or were they never there to begin with? :thinking:

Where are you looking?

Recent transactions / auction results. No number next to the name, like in baseball.

Yeah those never had $ values in line right there. Draft history shows salaries as expected.

In baseball, you can see right away what salary the player that was put up to bid was won for, which is convenient. In football, you have to click on the red ‘add’ button to see what the result of the bidding was.


I’ll go ahead and turn this into the wishlist post it should have been instead of whatever this is.


Salaries are now displaying in line for players on the league home page last 10 transactions box and on the auctions page for completed auctions.

Not seeing this in action :man_shrugging:t2:

Hm may not be showing up on mobile, I’ll double-check.

Showing up on mobile now.

Nice, thanks. :+1:

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Could we get the salaries added to the baseball auction page as well?

I’ll get all this stuff ported over to basketball and baseball soon.


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