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Yeah, that’s what I finally figured out, ironic as that may be.


Changing to desktop view doesn’t change the view on chrome on Ipad. Agree with other commenters, it’s basically unusable on mobile now


Not a good fix Niv. Sorry. You removed everything necessary about today’s stats. I want to see how the player pulled that data and I’m never on a laptop or desktop when games are happening.


All stats are now displayed for points leagues on the mobile Today’s Stats page.



I’m a big fan of the current version of the Today’s Stats page on mobile, for points leagues. Thanks @nivshah for being so responsive to all the feedback!

One question: Since opponent information now appears underneath each player’s name, is there a reason you also still have a column dedicated to opponent info? In every instance I have seen, it’s redundant.


It saves vertical space on screens that have more horizontal space, if that makes sense. The opponent info isn’t being displayed twice in any situation, right?


Maybe I misunderstand the question, but from what I can see, it’s being displayed twice in every situation. Here’s a current example, showing a few upcoming games and one completed game.


That’s definitely not by design! I’ll check it out


Ah, I confused myself here.

These columns are showing up because they were being hidden by the same logic that hid all the other stat columns. When the feedback came that hiding the statistics was a bad move, this column came back too. It shouldn’t be there, and I’ll figure that out today.


Ok this is fixed. Thanks @GRPhilipp


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