Site updates 4/17/2018

There have been a few updates to the site today:

  1. 5x5 leagues now show ABs instead of PAs across the site (Wishlist item)
  2. The Today’s Stats page has been significantly optimized for mobile, based on my own usage and your feedback
  3. Full box scores for H2H were released late last night (Wishlist Item)
  4. The user profile page and preferences pages have been merged, as you can see by visiting the “Profile” link on the top right of any page on the site.
  5. Some bugs were quashed on the Today’s Stats page for points-based leagues (H2H and season-long)

Please let me know what you think, and do not hesitate to open new Wishlist or TechSupport forum topics as necessary. Thanks y’all!

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I also cleaned up the homepage for IE-based browsers (IE 8+ and Edge) if you’re into that kind of thing.


Not sure if it’s intentional or not. But can no longer see any games stats on today’s stats page on mobile using chrome. All I can see is points for the day. I cannot see how they attained the score. AB, B.B., HR etc

I will same here …

Yes, this is by design. You can view the site on desktop or via the desktop view (see your user profile) if you want full details.

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Awful change, in my opinion, regarding the Live Stats page, at least from a user experience point of view (I don’t know if it makes the site more stable or on the back end). What good is it to not be able to see how the points were accrued? It was great how it was, especially turning the mobile device sideways to make use of landscape view.

Just an awful user experience now on that page. It used to be so nice to quickly get an idea of how your team was doing on a given day even when on the go.

Apologies for such a negative reaction, niv. I appreciate the Otto game and all you do for it, but this really seems like a case of “it wasn’t broken but we fixed it anyway.”


Desktop view doesn’t actually do anything on mobile chrome. Just has the points which isn’t what you go to the site for. Bad change.

I have some ideas on how to improve this experience and I’ll work on it tomorrow.

I can’t see any start/sit or opponent information on the lineups page after this change. My view was already set to desktop, this just makes the site unusable for me. Rolling this out right before lineups come out is also not great. On mobile, safari.

There were not any changes to the lineups page, just the Today’s Stats page.

Well, this morning everything was fine. Now I can only see MR, P/G and Points. I’ve refreshed, etc.

Basically everyone in our league hates the change on mobile.

Lineup pages on mobile have opponent information underneath the players name. This has been true since last season, and is now true on the Today’s Stats page as well

Seems to be tied to the desktop view specifically on mobile. I’ll try and attach a screenshot, if I can figure it out on here.

Ok, I’ll check it out tomorrow or tonight.

Agree with the fellow posters, this morning’s site was providing more information than what I get now. I switched the to the desk top view on the iPad and no change. Hopefully this can be worked through

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Thanks door bot I was just about to do the same!!

No problem!

And sorry Niv, not trying to be overly critical, it was just impossible to set my lineups today. Hoping my early morning guesses worked out.

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Sure, I should be able to fix this issue tomorrow AM at the latest.

If you turn off desktop view you should be able to see opponent info, etc.