Why do the point breakdowns matter on the Today's Stats page?

@avs18fan called this change “awful” from a “user experience point of view” because it used to be “nice to quickly get an idea of how your team was doing on a given day”

@TheContinental said “Basically everyone in our league hates the change on mobile”

@Jacoby6644 said “this morning’s site was providing more information”

@DiscoStu said the site was “unusable on mobile now”

@joecatz said “everything necessary about today’s stats” was removed

I do not play in a points league because I think points leagues are reductive. The bottom line is the points produced, and it does not matter where the points came from. I do think simplicity in scoring is valuable in order to focus on other challenges to team-building, but I don’t play in any points leagues, so I definitely might be missing something.

Could someone explain to me why it matters how any particular player’s points were produced? All points are created equal, so not showing component stats on a smaller screen size like a mobile device seems like a no-brainer to me. Again, I don’t play in a points league and I might be too reductive on this, so any clarity here would be very helpful.

While there was a lot of feedback about the change from earlier, no one really explained why the data removed was important in any way.

EDIT I should also add in the VIP Lounge that @GRPhilipp said “Points matter most” and that they “deserve more prominent placement”, but after seeing the change said getting “rid of all the details” seemed “too extreme”

I haven’t dig into the changes much, but I think I can give some insight as to why my league (and I) wanted to see daily expanded stats. And, by the way, I do think the change to daily stats page as it is easier to see on my mobile in landscape view (which was the only way I used it before, but now no scrolling needed).

Our league is a newly transplanted keeper league from Yahoo. We are H2H fans and the excitement of weekly matches are the reason we do fantasy baseball. We find points leagues reductive as well, and the thought of drafting and waiting until the end of the season for the win is a bit boring. So we are coming from a system that prizes the smallest changes in a stat by a certain player. I find myself jumping from game to game to watch at bats or pitching starts in the hopes of getting that hit that edges me ahead of my weekly opponent. This was VERY true in our Yahoo league where it was a head to head, one win; category win, not a points league. So a couple of SB here or there could get you a category win and, perhaps, be the difference between a winning or losing week. So, I guess the short answer is: we like rooting for players and their individual performances as a weekly matches are truncated enough to let daily individual performances matter.

Truthfully, I find the points version of head to head less strategically interesting (and therefore less dependant on individual performances) than category wins in weekly head to head matchups. So my previous enjoyment strategies of fantasy baseball are… Evolving. This sentiment has been shared in our league. Hopefully we’ll get used to it. I certainly would relish 5x5 H2H in the future, and/or custom categories.

But I’m absolutely in love with the economy of Ottoneu and the possibility of arbitration. We had some rather arcane economic systems that I had to laboriously track as commissioner, so thank God for Ottoneu.

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Keep in mind that we are mainly serious baseball fans and frequently fantasy sport lifers…people who grew up scoring our own games, following box scores printed in the paper, etc. We play ottoneu because it is analytically more interesting than alternatives. Many of us want ALL the stats, just because we love stats. People who play points are every bit as concerned with how the points are accumulated as accumulating the points. Is just more engrossing and fun to be involved at that level.

Plus it helps us catch site bugs from time to time, or issues with scorekeeping.


These are great answers. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and clarity.

Our league uses FGPts. And, I’d like to begin by saying that you are correct in saying that the bottom line is the points produced. However, it’s incredibly helpful to see HOW the points were produced on any given day, especially when it comes to making roster decisions. For example, if you have a pitcher who has a terrible outing that resulted in negative points, it’s very helpful to see what went wrong. Did he just give up a couple of home runs, in which case, maybe that just happens and it’s an outlier, or did he give up 12 hits and 6 walks, in which case that’s maybe indicative of poor control, which gives you a clue as to what to search for and delve in and see if maybe he’s hurt, or something of that nature.

Another example would be that I will scroll back a few days and try to see how a position player is trending - is he hot or in a slump, what points has he accrued over the last 5-7 days and how did he get there, what teams/pitchers he was facing, etc.

It’s valuable data that I use, and I assume the rest of my league does as well, to really try to get an edge on what’s going on, and ultimately helps with regards to roster decisions. Yes, at the end of the day (or season) points are what matters, but those stats that were eliminated from view on mobile are extremely helpful and worth having for the journey.

Lastly, it was a really great “catch-all” page that was available especially when on the go - if I’m out to dinner or have something going on in the evenings or on the weekend, it was really great to check the live stats page and not just see points, but get an idea of how my players were performing with a quick glance at my phone. An instant “hey, this guy is having a really great game and here’s why” as opposed to simply “hey, he’s got a lot of points today, cool.” And sometimes in those instances, I don’t have access to a computer, and all I have is my phone.

I hope that this helps explain my previous criticism.

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Yeah, this feedback is really helpful, and I definitely see where y’all are coming from

I am cognizant of concerns with how the site works on mobile, so that trade-off is constantly running through my head. I thought this would be a good place to save space and make the mobile experience a little bit cleaner, but I understand why seeing these stats is valuable.

The site is clean with no frills as it is. Having the stats there the way they were gives you an idea of where the game is at (late/early/over) and how they came up with those points. No reason to abbreviate something that is already brief and to the point, with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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