Six Picks Big Board

I’ve added a few things to Six Picks, including the Big Board which shows you how much a given player was picked on a given date:

Today, for example, you can see that 43.84% of the 73 entries include Tyler Glasnow.

I think Six Picks is a pretty neat way to gauge the current ‘value’ of a player in terms of their salary vs their pick rate, and I’m open to adding more information to the Big Board that could inform in this way.

I’ve also added lineup information to the player picker as lineups are announced, and hope to add both MLB scores and FanGraphs box score links to the page where you can see your or other users’ entries. I should also mention that the Player Research page has been cleaned up to be focused on the current Six Picks session, which ends on April 30th.

Pick Six remains completely free to play for anyone who has a FanGraphs login.


The Six Picks Big Board now also includes the players with the biggest price increases on the previous Sunday.

@chy924 wrote a bit about how to use the information on the Big Board today

Additionally, Six Picks entries now show live game information with links to the FanGraphs live box score