Sixto Sanchez - IL

Sixto Sanchez is having season ending surgery and I notice he’s still showing on the 7IL. Any chance he moves to the 60IL so I can add someone else?

Would be nice if we could get an extra roster spot for these guys on the MiLB IL who are out the rest of the season.

He’s on the Marlins 40-man roster. At some point if the Marlins want to free that roster spot they’ll have to move him to the 60-day IL.


Ok great. Thanks Niv

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hey @nivshah any update with this? I see that Sixto has officially had his surgery, but is still on the 7 day IL…is that because the Marlins still have him on the 40 man roster? Side note…why wouldn’t they put him on the 60 day? lol. Thanks.

I’m not sure pinging me makes sense, I have no sway with the Marlins front office.

The Marlins roster can be found here: Active Roster | Miami Marlins

MLB teams often won’t clear space on their 40 man roster (i.e. place Sixto on the Sixty) unless they need to. Marlins haven’t made a transaction that would necessitate a 40 man roster spot being opened, so Sixto unfortunately won’t get ya another roster spot in Ottoneu.

To further this point, teams are not allowed to put players on the 60 day IL unless their 40 man roster is full, so that is the primary reason Sixto isn’t on the 60, the Marlins have only 39 players on their 40 man roster right now.