SOLVED: Football Auctions glitch

Hey @Niv - I hate to bring up a glitch that would be so advantageous to me to just ignore, but in the spirit of fairness … I cut Terelle Pryor a week ago in league 19, and someone has put him back up for auction. I don’t think I should be allowed to bid on him (cut less than 30 days ago) but the system is currently letting me enter a bid. Not sure what would happen when the auction ended, maybe it wouldn’t let me win, but I’ve taken my bid out since it wouldn’t be fair for me to exploit a glitch like that. Just FYI, since I’m guessing this scenario could arise again.

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I’ll check this out today.

@oltarzewskt1 you’re going to have to help me out with links because I do not see Terrelle Pryor as being cut a week ago…

Did @oltarzewskt1 see that date Pryor was cut and not notice that it was 2015 and not 2016? I would say yes, yes he did.

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REJOICE! That is absolutely what happened, and I must have been confused because I DID cut Pryor in another league recently. Time to go place a bid! Sorry for the confusion, Niv!