Some players have the wrong MLB team listed

Eric Thames listed on Team “BAL (AAA)”. He is a pretty big sleeper this year and signed a major league deal with Milwaukee. It should list team as Milwaukee. It’s very confusing to have him listed as being on BAL (AAA) team.

I broke this out because, as absurd as this is to say, this is an issue that is bigger than just the auction draft. If you see players with the wrong team, please leave them here in this thread. I will explore this deeper with our data provider.

Once Eric Thames starts playing games his team will update - this issue is related to him changing teams and not having played for the Brewers in the regular season yet.

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Jason Groome is listed as a UTIL. Can he be changed to an SP?

Michael Kopech is still listed as a BOS prospect.

Those are the only two I noticed on my roster.

Jason Groome doesn’t have any positional eligibility yet.

Generally wrong teams are due to not having played in the regular season on their new team yet. This is definitely true for Kopech.

Just noticed that Greg Holland and Mitch Haniger are both on their old teams too.

As stated on this thread earlier (but worth repeating, because it is kind of confusing!) players who have changed teams will not show their new team until they actually play on their new team. Neither of these guys have done that yet.

I attacked this with some fervor just now and I think most of these guys are showing up on their correct teams now!

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