Sophomore H2H FGPTS ($50) league looking for 3 replacement managers

The Diamond Bag Heads league is looking for three replacement managers in our second season! We were all rookies so there will be plenty of chances in the auction draft to bid on the excess of cut, over-paid players from last season.

We also have a fairly active discord server between the other nine managers and several co-managers. Side-bets, smack talk, and general baseball chat. It was a fun group last season and we’re looking forward to welcoming some fresh blood.

The following three teams are available. First come first serve. DM which team you would like to take over and we’ll go from there!

As of today, both bigwoodmedice and kdorse have been taken. Bednars and Broomsticks remains and we are set for the 2022 season!

Interested in Bednars and Broomsticks team, pretty good experience with Ottoneu and active GM, let me know

Great, the team is yours if you are still interested! Do you want me to transfer it to you or abandon it so you can claim it?

Transfer it to me please, thanks

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