Sort Teams on Daily Stats page by Standings

Thanks for this Niv, will save time from going back-and-forth to the standings page. One request, can the list of teams be in order of standings? It’s tricky looking at it now and having to figure out which teams are above and below you in the standings.

I held off on doing that for now because I didn’t really want changing where to click to switch teams on the left side every time someone’s place in the standings changed. Maybe in the near future though.

Hmm, what if there was a sort button at the top of the list so the user could decide for themselves?

I’m not sure that a switch is the best design decision - either the site should show that list ordered dynamically by standings or it should show it how it does now, statically. Giving options like that is a good way to bury the right solution behind an extra step that a lot of people won’t notice. So, let’s put that aside and focus on the correct ordering of the left side of the stats page.

I thought about having the left side auto-update to order by standings, but what stopped me was that changing the location of a link on a page is generally a bad user experience.

However, after actually using this page for a day in a league where our standings have been moving around in the top 4 especially, the left side definitely feels “out of order”, and I am less concerned about moving team links than I am about showing the “correct” order on the left, based on the standing data.

Unfortunately the other thing is that reordering the left team list dynamically is a non-trivial amount of work and I’ll have to look at it after I wrap up a couple other small things I’m working on.

So, not quite yet, but soon when I take a second pass in a week or so.

Ok, the Daily Stats page now shows teams on the left ordered by their standings. If standings change during the day, the list will reflect these changes.

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