Sorting Players/FAs by ownership changes

Hi @nivshah, thanks for being so vigilant and open-minded about making changes and improvements to the site! I noticed that when I click on the individual player pages, next to ownership %, ottoneu is also tracking ownership changes over the past 30 and past 7 days. Could you add columns on the search page for sorting by ownership changes 7 and 30, or maybe a filter that could be added to searches? This would be a big help for staying on top of trending players and hot adds. Thank you!


I have put this on the backlog and will address it soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you! While I’ve got you here, I had one other feature request: This is my first season in ottoneu, and coming from the “big” fantasy providers, the feature that I’m really missing on here is the ability to see recent stats on my team lineups page. You can click into each individual player page to see their last 10 days stats, but the ability to look at your whole team’s last 7/14/30 stats would be huge - making sure to keep your hottest bats in the lineup from week to week, etc. Similarly, being able to look at the upcoming week’s schedule to see who your pitchers are going to be facing that week would also be extremely helpful. Right now I have all my ottoneu players entered into my watchlist on Yahoo, and track them that way. :confused: I would love to be able to see that information in ottoneu. Would that be possible? (Let me know if I should make another thread for this - I didn’t want to clog up the boards)

Please review this thread

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Oh, fantastic - I hadn’t noticed that change! Thank you

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I have added these columns. In order to conserve space, I’ve merge salary and cap penalties into one “Salary” column - if the number in this column is red, it is a cap penalty.

I have not added the ability to filter by add rates yet. UPDATE Filters for 7 day and 30 day rolling add% should be working now too.

If you can’t see the new columns or are getting other weirdness on the search page, please clear your browser caches.


Its working perfectly for me and the 7 and 30 day add % is super useful Thanks!

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